Myprotein Pea Protein Isolate


Myprotein Pea Protein Isolate

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Pea isolate containes 100% isolate from peas, not including dairy and soy, perfect for those training on a plant-based diet.

Key benefits:

  • 23g protein isolate per serving
  • created for vegetarians and vegans
  • all-natural
  • sugar free

Why you should choose pea isolate?

Created from only plant-based sources, it’s a convenient way to get quality protein into your diet — helping you grow and maintain important muscle, which is vital for progress whether you’re looking to gain size, tone-up, or lose weight.

Plus, there’s zero sugar and only 107 calories per serving in our pea protein powder — supporting all your fitness goals.

Pea protein is a complete protein which means it contains all nine of the essential amino acids. These occur naturally in protein which helps to build and repair new muscle.— ideal for all types of training.

Suggested use:

Just add 1 large scoop (30g) to your favourite smoothie or mix with water or nut milk, 30-60 minutes post-workout — or any time you want a protein boost.

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