Rule 1 Essential Amino 9 (30 lần dùng)

Rule 1 Essential Amino 9 (30 lần dùng)

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Rule 1 Proteins is proud to introduce two brand new essential amino acid (EAA) powdered supplement mixes. R1 Essential Amino 9 contains all nine essential amino acids, with an emphasis on the all-important branched chain amino acids (BCAA). A one-scoop serving provides 7,500 mg of EAA, 5,000 mg of BCAA, plus a 500 mg combination of electrolytes to help support hydration and replenish minerals lost through sweat. R1 Essential Amino 9 will be offered in 30-serving containers of tangy-sweet Rainbow Candy, Peach Mango, and Blue Raspberry Lemonade flavors.

The second formula, R1 Essential Amino 9 + Energy, provides the same amino acid and electrolyte levels as R1 Essential Amino 9 but also delivers 125 mg of natural-source caffeine from tea leaf extract. Use for morning wake ups, before workouts, or between lunch and dinner to combat mid-afternoon energy slumps.

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