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Payment methods


With the aim of providing convenient and fast payment services, Nutrition Depot Vietnam offers various flexible payment methods for customers who purchase online or at our shops:

1. Shop and pay with multiple convenient payment methods:

Nutrition Depot welcomes customers to visit and shop at our stores can choose from various flexible payment methods such as cash, bank transfer, Momo, Apple Pay, or card payments. We accept all types of cards (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, domestic ATM cards…).

2. Cash on delivery (COD):

With this method, customers will pay in cash according to the amount specified in the order that has been informed to the delivery service. Customers have the right to inspect the package before making the payment.

3. Bank transfer (Internet Banking):

Customers are requested to transfer funds to the provided bank account QR code when choosing bank transfer as the payment method. The QR system will automatically update the order number on the website. The order will be shipped after the bank account reflects the payment and confirms its successful completion.

4. Online payment:

Nutrition Depot accepts online payments through ATM cards, Visa, Mastercard, JCB, Amex, CUP. Customers can conveniently make direct payments for their orders on our website – quick and time-saving. Orders and payment transactions will be confirmed successfully during our working hours. Afterward, orders will be packaged and delivered to customers.

We sincerely appreciate your trust to shop high quality supplements at Nutrition Depot Vietnam.

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